Call blocking on Freedompop - what works, what doesn't?

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I've seen this topic come up periodically on the forum, but the responses haven't really been definitive yes this works/no this doesn't, so...

If anyone has attempted to employ call blocking with regard to the FP service (either the Messaging app, or the Free Talk & Text app), could they comment here with the technique used & whether it worked?

To start the ball rolling:

Both myself & @Barry B have tried the native 4.1.2 android Call Reject feature on our LG Optimus F3 phones and it currently does not appear to work (although @Barry B may have had it work in the past).


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    Hey there @limey, for now the only blocking options available are for Androids through third party apps. They don't appear to work with the Linphone update.

    You are also able to block all incoming calls but I'm not sure if that would be a good option!
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    @Ali So, the 3rd party android blocking apps used to work with the old (Csipsimple?) based messenger app? Interesting & might explain why some postings indicated that various blocking apps worked, whilst other postings say they didn't.
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    @limey That is correct. They used to work back when our phones were powered by CSipSimple but since FreedomPop did the whole migration thing to LinPop/Linphone it's been a bit of some kerfuffle!
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    I finally got around to doing some testing...

    Device: LG Optimus F3 running the version of the Messaging app
    Blocking app: Call Control
    Result: As @Ali wrote, call blocking does mostly work, when combined with the pre-Linphone version of the messaging app - the mostly being that in my tests with this blocking app & this phone, the ring was muted, rather than a complete block, which may be something specific to LG hardware. You will need to allow Non-Numeric Caller/Sender ID in the options (due to the way SIP calls show up in the callerID) & you may need to also allow Fake Sender ID, depending on the version of the Call Control app used (probably for the same reason as before). Not perfect, but better than nothing, if your number ends up in the digital hands of some robo-dialer.

    I haven't tried other call blocking apps yet, so they may work better/worse/differently & (since I'm seeing some LG specific things) results may differ on other devices - as ever, YMMV.
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