How to Set up Google Voice and Google Hangout with my Samsumg S3?

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Hi, I'm a smart phone and FP newbie who just woke up from the "stone age", being a female doesn't help either ;) I'm finally getting my 1st smart phone (Samsung S3 from FP). I'd like to combine the FP free plan with the Google Hangout and/or Google voice so that I don't quickly burn through the 200 free FP minutes. Could any FP masters help with these questions:

(1) Is it true one cannot receive incoming calls on Google voice without using up FP's voice minutes? In other words, is it true that Google voice does not work on Wifi?

(2) If (1) it's true, what's the added benefit of setting up GV if I need to use my FP minutes anyway......? Free voice mail box which Google Hangout does not have??

(3) Since I have only 500MB of data, how do I control that I only use Google hangout/voice when I have access to free Wifi? If I choose Wifi option on my FP phone, this should NOT reduce my 500MB allotment, correct?

------Thanks in advance

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  • ArcArc Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks so much for your great tips! Just to be sure I don't mess this up (and I'm good at that ;), could you clarify these:

    (1) Though I have not yet received my FP S3 phone, I did set up a Google voice account online from my desktop yesterday with my hotmail email (I don't have a Gmail), and obtained a Google voice number. Is it a good idea to enter this hotmail address and GV phone# when setting up the Hangout dialer on my S3 phone? Or will the Hangout dialer be confused to think I need to install a GV App as well? I hope not :)

    (2) It sounds to me I should ONLY give out my GV phone# to my friends, and not give out or even enter my FP phone# in the dialer set-up? But I only have Wifi access 1/3 of the time. When I don't have Wifi access, does it mean my only choice would be to burn through my FP cell data?

    (3) For my situation (1/3 time with Wifi access, the other 2/3 time no Wifi access), if I want to maximize FP's free minutes and data without running over on either, will I be better off by entering my FP phone# as a forwarding phone# in the Hangout dialer set-up? My thought is: when I'm close to the max of my FP data limit, this would give me the option to not tap open the Hangout dialer, but simply make/receive calls directly from my FP phone, and therefore utilizing my 200 free minutes. Do I have the control/option to choose whether to make/receive calls through Hangout dialer?

    (4) What's the downside to entering my FP phone# in Hangout dialer as a forwarding#? Perhaps my phone will ring twice for incoming calls? If so, what are the best steps to handle it? (a) quickly disable hangout dialer? (b) then do I have to tap open the FP V&T App to answer the call? I'd imagine this will give me the choice to the 200 free FP minutes when I want to?

    Thanks again!!

  • ArcArc Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Sorry, one more question: After entering my GV phone# (with hotmail email) in the Hangout dialer set-up, will my phone automatically use Wifi data (and not my cell data) whenever I have access to Wifi?

    Or do I need to tap some buttons to enable the Wifi connection/usage every time I try to make/receive calls via Hangout dialer? I hope after setting up the Wifi connection for the first and only time, my S3 phone can pick up the Wifi connection automatically without my enabling it again every time I make/receive a call.... Could you clarify?

    ----- Please don't laugh at my stupid questions :)
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    Here is a little more clarification regarding wifi connections.

    For a wifi connection to a secured signal you will need to enter the password for that connection. Once you successfully connected to the secured signal the phone will remember the password and automatically re-connect when you are back in range of that signal.

    Public wifi connections are trickier. Most public wifi signals require that you use your web browser and agree to their terms to use the signal. You would have to agree to the terms every time you connect to their signal. The phone is not capable of doing that for you automatically. Needs to be done manually every time.
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