Phone call dials twice - makes call over Sprint cell network

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Since upgrading to the latest version of messaging I cannot make calls because the app is dialing twice. 2 calls are being made at the same time; it appears one is being made over the Sprint cell network which eventually end in the message "your account could not be validated" and the 2nd call goes over Freedompop VoIP, but I am unable to talk to the called person on that call, I can sometime hear them talking but they do not hear me. Data seems to be working fine. This is the same behavior over cell data or WiFi.

Update: have uninstalled the Freedompop App updates and the dialing out works properly. The issue returns after installing the update (which I need since I have the Photon Q slider phone and need app rotation to use the keyboard). Premium Voices services has not been activated or tried.

update 2: this is definitely what is happening. I was roaming today and when I made a call I received the message, "welcome to Verizon"
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