Can't activate: online it says "order processing" and I can't activate account on device

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A family member got an Galaxy S3 from choxi. I was helping her try to figure out how to activate it (she can't seem to post on the forum yet). But when we registered her device online, using the MEID , instead of activating the account properly, it says that her order is "processing". And the MEID possibly is listed for a HTC EVO Design 12GB???? At least that's what it shows when we look at the phone number tab within the online account.

Then, when we turned on the device to try to finish activating it, we're prompted to enter the email address and zip code. We used the same one we registered for her online, and it just says "User with email address already exists".

Help, please?


  • UndineUndine Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    Update...order still says processing on that account. I got in touch with a freedompop rep on slickdeals, because I was concerned that maybe I'd incorrectly registered a byod as a freedompop branded device. By looking at my MEID, the rep was able to tell me that the phone I got from choxi WAS freedompop branded and should work on the network. They also told me to try going to (implying that the phone was not yet activated???)

    So, not knowing what else to do, we registered the phone AGAIN on a different account. Which worked, and the phone shows as active, instead of having an "order processing" status. I wonder if we entered something wrong the first time?

    Then it was a bit of a pain to get the actual phone working,,,for awhile it kept saying "locating user". I think what helped was uninstalling the Messaging app updates we'd installed before the phone was officially "active" and then reinstalling after everything was working.

    Downside of all family still has a random account with a non-existent order "processing". We canceled the "free trial" associated with the account, so I certainly hope there's no random charges from this account in the future!
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