I'm a current FreedomPop customer. Since SPRINT has done so already can you please unlock the FM chip in all smartphones you sell/sold so I can get important emergency information when data networks are unavailable and reduce the amount of data I use each month. Thank you."


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    Interesting! My old GSM Xperia X8 has FM radio, but it's a Sony specific feature - I had no idea that FM receiver hardware was commonly present in other smartphones.

    So, +1 on enabling this feature.

    Some linkage:

    The supported device list on the latter link didn't include either of my android devices (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, LG Optimus F3) which are 4.1 or higher (the app requires this), but Google Play indicated that they were supported, so I tried installing anyway. On the Tab 3, the app installs & runs, but when a station is selected pops up a message indicating an issue with the FM hardware. On the Optimus F3, the app installs, but when run immediately states that it can't access the FM receiver on the device. So currently, neither device works - I don't know if the different response produced for each indicates hardware incompatibility, or if the FM hardware is just currently locked.

    ps: For anyone with devices/carriers where this is already enabled/working, note that you'll need a set of wired headphones to use this (even if using the devices own loudspeaker) - this is because the FM radio uses the headphone wires as an antenna.
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