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3G no data.

Alfred  ScammanAlfred Scamman Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
I have an HTC one m7 and am almost a month into my basic FreedomPop service. When I am in an area with strong 4G service, everything works fine. However if I am in an area with strong 3G service and weak 4G, I often suffer call disconnects and a no data issue. I used to on occasion get a 3G connection for the first couple weeks, but that doesn't happen anymore. I installed LTE Discovery which helps me reestablish a 4G connection (a clunky solution for intermittent data, not acceptable for voice as it will just drop the call within a minute when the phone switches to a stronger 3G tower) and helped me see what was going on, since I don't even get the 3G icon anymore, just straight to the "⚠ Unable to establish a wireless data connection" error.

I have tried the ##786# reset, followed by resetting the cell data (initial activation), downloading profile, and updating the PRL, and I still have the same problem, plus the frustration of resetting up all my apps. I have done all I know about on my end, and reading through the forums, I think there may be an account setup issue. I'd appreciate if an admin could please check up on it and advise.

I am planning to upgrade to the unlimited plan in a few months, basically when the existing Sprint contract expires on another phone, but I really need 3G fallback to be working first.

Thank you.

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