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Utterly awesome

64user64user Posts: 132FreedomPop Newbie
I haven't had it a full day yet, but it's that much better than what I'm used to.

Granted, the only Android phones I have experience with are a Motorola XT901, a HTC Evo, a HTC Hero, and a Samsung Galaxy S3. But, the responsiveness of the Kyocera alone makes it all worthwhile. Memory management must be different too, because I haven't put an SD card in it yet and I have installed a large amount of apps without using much memory.

Almost everything I've found about it is considerably better, except two things:

Like the Motorola, there's no Menu button. So, some screen real estate is sometimes taken up by a software menu button, and it will take some time to get used to this.

There's no native Music app! I ended up downloading one, but I still haven't found one that I would recommend.

My Kyocera may not be waterproof: It's missing one of the tabs that holds the back cover on tightly. But I'm not too concerned about that.
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