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Setting the default dialer after setup (Moto G)

Matthew ScheirerMatthew Scheirer Posts: 14FreedomPop Newbie
So I have a Moto G that is now working on Freedompop. Was pretty seamless, as my first BYOD experience it went great.

The only problem seems to be that Freedompop Messaging is not showing up as a default dialer option. I reset the stock Android dialers preferences but only Skype and Textnow show up as dialer apps. I can make calls to the device fine, and it rings and talk works fine in the messenging app... I just cannot make calls if I cannot make the dialer use Freedompop Messaging since there is no dialing interface in the Messaging app itself.

Its really bizarre because I've done this before just fine. I have a Galaxy S4 I threw CM 12.1 on and Freedompop's dialer showed up just fine when I started using it. Dunno whats missing here, but reinstalling the messaging app twice hasn't made it show up as a dialer.


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