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usage stopped tracking over the weekend (And it got weird!)

N RN R Posts: 37FreedomPop Newbie
Like many people on this site, I use a couple of freedompop services/devices. One of my accounts use the u250 USB modem, with the free plan (500 mb + 750 mb earn and share). I don't have auto reload so my plan usually shuts down within a couple of Meg's of my limit.

I used my account on Saturday, but noticed that usage didn't update, it was still saying 102mb used, figured must be the normal 3 hour delay so didn't check again, kept on using it as normal.

Sunday I needed to login but I would get disconnected, was surprised so I checked, I noticed that regardless of using the service Saturday, It still said 102mb used.. So I figured I must have used my 1.25 GB Saturday but mynaccount is not reflecting it. I checked again Sunday night, same 102 mb used

Now this is were it got weird, I checked this morning and it says I'm over my plan by 170%! It says I used 2.7 GB or something like that. How did this happen when I don't have auto recharge? Shouldn't my plan have shut down once I hot 1.2GB?


  • N RN R Posts: 37FreedomPop Newbie
    Ok, so it has been over 40 days since I posted.

    10 days ago I decided to cancel the account altogether, emailed customer service with account Id and MAC Id, and not a single response for either.

    What is the procedure for canceling an account with freedompop if they don't answer their email?
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