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HELP! Phone won't turn on AT ALL, Blinks Red Light when on Charger

darla mcalpinedarla mcalpine Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
Hoping someone can help. It's 1 month to the DAY since my phone shipped, 2.5 weeks since I got it. Was using it this morning & it was working fine, then I put it in the case & walked to the bus. 10 minutes later it's a brick - won't turn on at ALL. It was in a protective case the entire time.

Any ideas? I've tried popping out the battery, counting to 30, then replacing it. Nothing. I've also tried the charger, both with & without the battery - nothing.

I NEED this phone for work - without it I can't work, and I have some deadlines next week that I have to meet. Any ideas for getting this fixed fast?
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