Calling and Voicemail App Issues

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@Jorge M. @lolaBee

This is my third post regarding current issues. I would call, but I don't want to burn my minutes on hold for Customer Service. However, if calling is the preferred method or if there is another way you can suggest, please let me know. If only for the developers I figured these issues should be relayed. Opening and closing tickets doesn't seem to be resolving much. I was told to do a soft reset last time, but I am under the impression I need an MSL number or somesuch?

I have had spotty issues for months. My boyfriend has had spotty issues for awhile too, although his are slightly different.

1. The voicemail app is still glitching. I am now receiving voicemail, but the phone is usually going straight to voicemail rather than ringing. I also continue to get the download error I speak of here and here if I go into the voicemail app but no new voicemail is available. I have already reinstalled twice.

2. I still have issues with outgoing calls not connecting through wifi here and there. Also, I was able to make a call on 3g today, but if I had 4g selected, I got that familiar message "connect to the internet first!"

3. My boyfriend has had issues with only being able to use his phone on speakerphone (but not always). He has also had issues with not receiving all text messages, and/or missing attached content in texts. Unfortunately I do not know if the sender's phone makes a difference, but I do know they are being sent from smartphones. If someone has any fixes (other than update profile, prl, sync account data, turn phone off then on), we'd be grateful. Otherwise, he'll have to take it up on his own.

Can FP please provide some guidance here? If I am not following proper protocol then please let me know. As far as I'm aware, we are just supposed to post our issues here and no longer need to add admin names. If this is incorrect, please let me know this as well.



  • Susan FuhrmanSusan Fuhrman Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Voicemail has stopped Issue.
    I need to have voicemail working on my phone. It was working fine for a month. Same day I got alert on phone to update messaging app, I was told your phone won't allow to leave a voicemail msg. by a co-worker.
    There is no longer any message to leave a voicemail. When I tap the voicemail icon, only a page comes up saying buy visual voicemail. Don't want visual voicemail, verbal voicemail will do just fine.
    I tried updating profile, PRL, sync, and took out the battery. Didn't help.
    Thank you for your help on this issue.
  • Susan FuhrmanSusan Fuhrman Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    issue resolved
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