Unable to connect for the past week

I have been unable to connect for the past week on my MiFi 4082. I get redirected to http://setup.4g.freedompop.com/vcp.htm?SERIAL_NUMBER=60C7B856&CODE=noreservations&onlineChargingReference=362223693&experience=organic.default

I have the 3G/4G 500 MB plan (3.99/mo) and the device shows a strong 3G signal (4G is not available in my area).

It worked fine for the first 2.5 months but now will no longer allow me to connect. I have about 100 MB of this month's data allotment remaining. I am not interested in downgrading the service and loosing the data that I already paid for.


  • Harvey ZeigerHarvey Zeiger Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    my freedomspot mifi4082 will not connect to the server
  • mworthingtonmworthington Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I can't be sure, but this sounds like the same thing I encountered with my phone.

    After a call with support, it turned out that they disable your account once you hit 400MB *if you have disabled* auto-top off. Once I turned that back on, my service was restored in 5 minutes or so.

    I signed up for an annual plan as part of a deal, so I had auto-top off disabled and zero money in my account. Apparently, they want $10 in your account once you get close to the 500MB just in case.

    Now that it's August, your monthly allotment should have reset, and you should be good again.
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