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Invalid sim on Ipad mini 2 16gb

tianyouying630@gmail.com[email protected] Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
I was able to use 3g on my ipad mini 2 with FP. But after a few miniutes of use, it says sim is locked. then a few seconds later, the upper left screen shows invalid sim and I cant access mobile data. I can unplug the sim or do a network reset to get it back working, but it will only last a few minutes. Can anyone help?


  • gezafischgezafisch Posts: 86FreedomPop Newbie
    bad sim card? did you buy this ipad new or used? if used, it could be that the previous owner didn't pay his bills and the sim card was blacklisted. get the ICCID from the settings menu and check it on Swappa
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