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@Ali @Jorge M.


I had a phone on a account and that phone broke. I just bought a new BYOD phone and would like to activate it on my old account. I have already activated the new phone on the BYOD basic free plan. I would now like the old phone to be deactivated and the new phone to be transferred to the old account. I can email the info to a admin.
Please respond as soon as possible as of now i have no phone.



  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
    Hello @gezafisch I apologize for the delay in your swap request, please allow me to have a forum agent further assist you with your request. Feel free to update your thread after the completion of your request so other users with similar requests can view the steps taken :) Please check the email associated with your forum profile as an agent will contact you. Replying to the email from support can be done as you would a regular email (no need to log-in into Zendesk). :+1:
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