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Not able to call USA from UK

Mikey IrvineMikey Irvine Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Hi, I'm currently in England and trying to use my ZTE Force on wifi to call back to USA. I can synchronize my phone (so it correctly registers for push notifications, shows my phone number, etc). I can send and receive text messages but when I try to make a call I get the usual 'Calling' screen but it never makes a ringing tone. Then it seems to freeze and never connects the call (pressing the hangup button does nothing). I've also tried the FreedomPop app on another (non-FreedomPop) phone on wifi and that calls but neither me or the other person could hear each other.

I've tried various network settings (wifi only on/off, enable UPNP on/off, using random ports on/off, changing SIP port to 5060), on my ZTE Force but I'm stuck... can anyone help me? I thought that as I could make calls on wifi in USA then I should be able to do the same in England - is this correct or do I need my account set up for using my phone abroad?



  • limeylimey Posts: 674FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    @Mikey Irvine It might be that VOIP traffic is being blocked by the local ISP providing the connection, though the different behavior between the 2 phones you tried is interesting (I'm assuming that you used the FP Messaging app on the ZTE & the FP Free Call & Text app on the other?).

    Other than the obvious try a different WiFi connection, you could test the connection using an app like Voiptester (not sure if you may run into regional play store issues downloading it in the UK), or run a VOIP test from your web browser (google voip test).

    If the VOIP connection appears to be good & you have a Google Voice number, then you might be able to try calling out using Hangouts as an alternative.

  • Mikey IrvineMikey Irvine Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    @Limey, yes I was using the FP Messaging app on my ZTE and FP Free Call & Text on a UK phone (Galaxy S3). I tried that VOIPTester on both phones and they both came back with the same results indicating that all is working correctly for VOIP.

    I have Hangouts and a Google Voice number that works but as FreedomPop claim that we can make calls over wifi, I would like to figure out why FP Messaging doesn't work, yet GV works fine :(

    How would I go about progressing this issue?
  • limeylimey Posts: 674FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    Going by this post from an earlier thread, using an overseas WiFi point should work, but VOIP is subject to more potential points of failure than a regular voice call (ISP blocking, port conflicts, router config issues etc). Hangouts uses a different proprietary communication protocol than FP, which uses SIP - this might have something to do with why the former is working, but the latter is not.

    If you have access to the router providing the WiFi connection, then it may be worth checking whether it has ALG/Sip Passthru settings & toggling these on/off to see if they're affecting the FP SIP connection. If you're using a public WiFi source then this obviously isn't an option - have you been able to try other WiFi sources?

    On the phone with the Free Talk & Text app installed - have you tried using the app whilst the phone is connected to the cellular network?

    As for progressing the issue with FP support, you could try the numbers listed on njfulwider5's profile page via your Hangouts connection (UK is currently 8 hrs ahead of the West Coast). Also, here's a shoutout to the 2 FP admins seen most often on the forum - @Jorge M. @Karina Magana
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