Not sure which plan is right for mom, please help!

Blair NeumanBlair Neuman Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
I am in the process of setting my elderly mother up with a small computer for email and internet only and would like her to have Freedom Pop as her server with a home broadband internet account. I need to know which account to get her. I do not think she will be using the service too much except for several monthly video calls (perhaps an hour total per month). She will be using Google Hangouts for these calls. I was considering either the Faster or Fastest plan due to these video calls. My questions: 1. I have NO idea how much data usage the video calls will use. Will either of these plans (both with 10 GB) cover her needs or is this service inappropriate? 2. Does the Freedom Pop modem plug into her phone line requiring filters be installed on all phones?

I await your answers before placing the order and greatly appreciate the advice!


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