Evo 4G Text Messaging - Intermittently Working even with Latest Version of Messaging App

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Over the past couple of weeks, before and after the latest FreedomPop Messaging app software update (version 12. 01.09.0318), I have experienced a problem where text messaging fails to deliver the message--not a good thing!

Here's the setup. When I have either performed a "Restart" or just a "Power Off" and power back on with my Evo 4G, I find that I cannot successfully send a text message to anyone on any network (specifically AT&T, Verizon, Metro PCS). I can select a recipient from my contacts list and compose the text message as normal, but when I press "Send" my sent message does not appear in my text messaging log and the recipient does not receive the text.

So, I tried "Plan B" this way: After doing a "Restart" with the Evo 4G with the phone fully booted up (and before I tried to do another text message), I have also immediately performed a System Update (menu-settings-System Updates -Update Profile and Update PRL). Then I try a text message again. The same failure occurs as described above.

The only way I can "wake up" the text messaging app and successfully complete a text is to go into the Android OS menus (menu button-settings-Applications-Manage Applications-Messaging and press the Clear Data button on the Messaging screen menu. Then I can successfully send a text message to anyone (the very same people on those other networks that I could not send any text message to before).

So, this looks to me like a real bona-fide text messaging software problem. I saw this texting failure on earlier versions of the FreedomPop Messaging app and it continues to be a problem on the latest version ( update , so while FreedomPop is making progress with their Messaging App, it appears that there are still other "bugs" to fix.

Finally, I should note that the text messaging failure occurs when I am connected to the 3G Sprint network or my own home Wi-Fi. Remember, my phone is an Evo 4G. I don't know if the other supported FreedomPop phones are having this problem or even if I have some sort of hardware problem specific to my phone only. Also, when I cannot complete a text to another network (without doing my Plan B as described above), I have not attempted to send a text to another FreedomPop user.

Please let me know if anyone else is seeing this problem. Thanks.


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    @JWP‌ please pm @Taylor‌ with this issue.
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    In the same boat evo 4g can not send nor receive any texts. Can send and receive calls and receive voice mail. But texting is not working.

    taylor instructed me to a reset that did not resolve the problem.
    apps have been uninstalled and re-installed multiple times along with prl updates and profile updates. to no avail i have been without text for a week now. just up and stopped one afternoon. account refresh also did nothing. i doubt the problem is on my end
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    @JWP - Could you please PM me (click on my picture, then click "message" in the top right corner on the next page) your account email and FreedomPhone phone number?

    @Richard - I see you responded to my PM, I will respond back there shortly.
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