When does Top Up charge my account?

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When does Top Up charge my account? I have the free 500mb plan. Does Top Up activate once I have under 100mb left or does it activate once I go over the 500mb limit?


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    If the feature is turned on (the default) in your account Billing page, then Auto Top Up kicks in when you have under 100mb left of your data allowance.

    The 100Mb is a buffer to reduce the chance of overages occurring because of delays in data usage registering on FP's systems.

    If you want to avoid the Top Up charge, then you can turn the feature off, in which case your voice/data service will suspend for the remainder of your billing cycle when your usage gets to within 100mb left of your data allowance.

    You may also want to looking into adding some Freedom Friends to increase your data allowance:
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    @limey How much auto top up charges, once you get to 100mb (for a fp free plan)
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    Auto Top UP is $10 (UK 5 pounds) each time you dip below 100 MB, it triggers one top-up. At 2 cents each in usa, that's 500 MB. So you'll have approx 599 or less with 3 more hours of charges to run against that. Then when remainder dips below 100 MB again then it triggers again. I heard that a monthly cycle has a limit of 8 top-ups.

    If you turn off auto top-up and have less than $2 credits and you watch an HD movie starting with data balance of around 105 MB. You can finish the movie in less than thre hours and near the end your account dips below 100 MB and suspends. (no top-ups). However there is three hours more of HD movie watching that is being invoiced from Sprint. Start 105 MB less 1,000 MB for movie. NEGATIVE 900 MB. FP for small ? (that's NOT small!) overages, they charge $1.99 to beef up your credits. You would need 18 or 19 x $1.99 to bring balance back above zero. Moral: don't watch movies, tv, trailers, etc. especially when data balance less than full.

    Once suspended for below 100 MB, it remains suspended until the month cycles. Then you start fresh again. (theoretically)
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    I have a habit of using Spotify on cellular data, and sometimes, I am not careful with watching how fast my 500MB drains. I was charged a monthly charge of 4.99 for september 22nd. Is this from going under 100MB? I have never had this happen to me before. I also did not have Auto Top Up checked as off at the time.
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