Terrible battery life - suggestions?

I've had my phone about a week now and am really struggling with the battery. The first couple days I used it, it would go from a full charge to totally dead within about 4-5 hours. I've downloaded a few apps to help improve things, such as Battery Doctor and Autorun Manager. These make a difference but what I've found to be a major battery drain is keeping the Background Data switched on in the general phone settings. I spent a couple days with it switched off all the time, then realized I wasn't getting messages or receiving calls. So I guess my question is, do I need to have Background Data kept on all the time to use the phone's basic messaging and talk functions? If so, is there some other way to configure the phone so that I can keep Background Data running without such a heavy demand on the battery? Or is it possible that I just have a bad battery? Even with all background tasks killed with Advanced Task Killer, and the Autorun Manager blocking all but the most essential apps from running, keeping Background Data on drains about 15% of my battery per hour. And that's when I'm leaving the phone alone, with the display off - not during periods of heavy usage. So far I've only managed to get the battery to last a full day once - but had to sacrifice receiving texts and calls to do so!

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS - I've been on lots of other forums and read a good few articles about this, hence my experiments with the apps I mentioned above. The problem really seems to relate to either the quality of the battery itself, or the Background Data toggle, so if possible, that's where I'd like to steer the discussion - not to more management apps. Thanks!


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    @Laura Francescangeli‌ I have done several test on the battery with my phone and found that 5 to 6 hours is a little under the average. You might want to get a long lasting battery for your phone on eBay if @Taylor‌ can't offer more help.
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    One thing you might try to test the actual capacity of the battery is to install "Battery Monitor Widget." It is one of the few apps I could find that would measure the actual mAH (milliamp hours) of the battery over a charge cycle. What I found was that the battery provided in my EVO 4G had a capacity of only 1000 mAH, whereas the nameplate new battery is 1500 mAH. Apparently, this is not an uncommon issue with the EVO 4Gs and my explanation of the above to [email protected] resulted in them sending me a replacement battery (which didn't work at all, but that is another matter). The learning curve for using "Battery Monitor Widget" is pretty steep, but it's useful if you have the patience.
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    @Laura - I just sent you a PM regarding your issue, please check your inbox on the forum.
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    Laura, I use to have the same problem with my Evo 4g. I did much research (a lot provided by FP) to extend battery life. What I found to be my biggest battery hogs are: GPS, WiFi on all the time (even when I was not using it), too bright a screen (use automatic brightness), and especially Bluetooth. I placed the stock Energy Manager Widget at the top of my home screen. I keep GPW, Bluetooth and Auto Sync off and turn these on only when I need them. I downloaded the app "Smart WiFi" to automatically manage my WiFi radio. As for keeping Background Data , well I don't find that radio to be much of a problem.

    Today I used my Evo 4g at about a normal level for me: some emails, a few calls, a fairly good amount of surfing and a couple of text messages. After 12 hours today I still have about 45% battery left. Not bad for me.

    Also, I purchased a car charger. On my way home from work (volunteering all day in my case) If my phone has had a busy day I'll just charge it on the way home. That can bring it up about 15% in 1/2 hr. drive. Hope this helps.

    Retired Ted
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    I just ordered a 3500mah battery & back cover for $5.49 including shipping. I hope it lasts all day.
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