Not receiving calls 50% of the time, cannot text when not on WIFI. May be time to quit...

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I've (my daughter) been on FreedomPop for over 7 months now and have not gone a single month without issues.

My daughter has now informed me that since she's had the phone, she only receives about 50% of her phone calls. The other times, the phone doesn't ring and she never sees a "missed call." I've called her multiple times sitting in the same room and witnessed the issues. It didn't used to be a big deal to her because she didn't talk on the phone. Now, she has a job and needs to be able to get calls for covering co-workers' shifts or come in when others call in, etc. So, now I know it's a problem that's been going on from the beginning.

A new issue as of about 2 weeks ago, she can no longer receive text messages when she's not on Wifi, but can send them just fine. As soon as she connects to Wifi, all the "replies" come rolling in. I tried to contact @Jorge M. as he'd assisted with other issues, but no luck. He suggested a PRL/Profile update, but they both were erroring out. She was finally able to update both today, but it did not fix the problem.

To tack on this, here are some of the other issues:

She's on an unlimited texting plan, but texting stopped working midway through every month until last month. After multiple posts and calls to support, here's what we figured out...
1. I was told numerous times she had a texting limit, but had to send screen shots of my account pages to prove I was on unlimited.
2. After that, I was told that "unlimited" was actually limited to 5000 text per month. Support is allowed to "reset" the count once a month, but you have to call in to have that done.
3. 500 MB of data is not actually given to you unless you have automatic top up turned on and money in the account. If automatic top up is not turned on, FreedomPop suspends your services when get to 200 MB remaining. Essentially, this means you're only allowed to use 300 MB of the data you were given.

All fine and dandy and growing pains of a beta service, I get it. The unfortunate issue is the apparent faulty advertising of the services and false definition of "unlimited."

However, the continuous dropped calls means that we're probably going to leave FreedomPop. She has 3 days left in this cycle and now I have to start researching the big expensive services to find something that actually delivers the service they promise. Unfortunate. FreedomPop is a great concept, but definitely not worth it if you need reliability.

If anyone can resolve the texting and phone call issues in 3 days remaining on the cycle, I'd be happy to reconsider!!

-Using a 2nd Galaxy S3 purchased from FreedomPop since December 2014.
-Service area in Central Illinois, USA.
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