phone does not work when wifi is connected

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I got this samsung galaxy s3 with custom freedompop rom installed, I have updated the message app to the latest, still have this issue since day one, the phone or the message will not work when wifi is connected, would only work under cellular, if the wifi is connected, the pop up error message stated the connection can't be establish with the network setting, please help, thank you.


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    Hello @MichaelH your account is temporarily suspended due to you being close to passing your allotted data. The account is suspended so you are not charged for overages, but your service should be resuming tomorrow. However, for your WiFi issue you can attempt to do a PRL/Profile update. I have provided the instructions below:

    If you're having trouble getting a network connection on your new phone, follow the below steps.

    1. Select the menu button (located to the right of the home button)
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap More(upper right)
    4. Then scroll down and tap System Update
    5. Select Update Profile and let it run fully (may take up to 90 seconds)
    6. After the network profile is updated, repeat the same steps, but this time select Update PRL instead of update profile

    You should be able to use our service without any issues now! You can also make sure your FreedomPop apps are up to date by checking in the Google Play store (make sure you are logged in/ synced with your Google account).
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    as of today 08/25/15. I can see the cycle has been renewed, but the phone still looping in the locating user for device setup, just won't go thru, also, I have turned off all apps on cellular data usage, for some reasons, there are still something or perhaps freedompop app is drawing data, if it is from freedompop, this should not be my plan usage, because I can't disable freedompop app to use the cellular data or the phone will not work at all. please advise, thank you.
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