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Cant downgrade plan

Lacy SchmidtLacy Schmidt Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I'm trying to downgrade my premium 500 plan to the free service, but keep getting this error:

We've experienced a problem changing your Data Plan due to a billing error. Please update your payment method on the Billing Settings page, and try again.

I have tried to update my billing method 4 or 5 times and am still getting this message. My plan changes tomorrow and I DO NOT want the premium 500 plan for next moth.

Please advise.


  • LTE4meLTE4me Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    HI Lacy Schmidt,

    When this happened to me my first month, I called the Premium phone number available to Premium subscribers and was able to immediately resolve the issue with the Premium account service person. There are many numbers to get help, check which work for you.
    (888) 743-8107 (long wait times if they ever pick up),
    (888) 701-1353
    (888) 906-3184
    (888) 585-7966 (explain your issue, but they will route to Support)

    When you downgrade on FreedomPop you loose any remaining data until the next billing cycle refreshes your replacement plan, for now let's call it the Free 500MB plan.

    So I will expect you have access to an alternative data to browse the FP site to avoid experiencing the apparent caching page with a red background that occurs when you exceeded data limits.

    Do you know if you have exceeded your Premium data pan limits? If you have exceeded your Premium data plan and reached its limit (near 85% of limit) then you will get billed at the Top-Up rate (cents per megabyte) near $2.00 increments automatically enabled to first time Premium users.

    To disable this setting go to:
    Billing> Billing Settings, (near page bottom) turn off Automatic Top-up.

    Although it sounds like you are correctly updating your billing information, if you have a card that is expiring within a year, or an alias credit card that reached its predefined limit, then consider using a different credit card.
  • ioantioant Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I have the same error, trying to downgrade to the free service, but keep getting the error: " We've experienced a problem changing your Data Plan due to a billing error. Please update your payment method on the Billing Settings page, and try again"
    I have update billing information like 3 times I am sure information is correct, the error is still there. Emailed support (no answer yet), called support they told me I am at the free plan however when I log into my account I still have to pay $4.99 in 2 days (I am not with the free plan) and when I try to downgrade I still get the same error. Tell me who or what I should believe; error on the website ? the person on the phone support does not know what she is doing ? FreedomPop will we get to the point where in a few days I have to call my credit card to deny the charge ?
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,376 admin
    @ioant I can confirm that your downgrade has been processed and the changes made will be reflected on 3/26.
  • Matthew JorgensenMatthew Jorgensen Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    I tried to downgrade and got an error, so I tried a few hours later and it worked, BUT, from the first try to the actual time I downgrade, they billed me for the package I was on. So now I'm out $21 and now on the free plan... Sucks. Contacting them seems near impossible!
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