Password and Email Account Assistance

seanmic-yseanmic-y Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hi -
I recently signed up and cannot figure out how to log into my new account. I signed up with a ZTE force, which was BYOD, and ever since signing up for phone service, I cannot seem to login to my account with the email address and password that I though I used for signing up. NOTE: The email address I'm using to login to the forums and send this message is not the one I have associated with my phone's account.

Please understand that I have made NUMEROUS attempts to generate a new password through the "Forgot your password" link, but I never receive a password reset email... that's why I'm now asking for help. I have also attempted to contact support via email several times, but haven't received replies to my email. Could you please assist in resetting the password?



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