Is it possible to use freedompop for data, and Sprint (or another carrier) for calls and texts?

tl;dr: is there a way that I can use freedompop for data, but another carrier for other cell services?

I think freedompop is a very cool idea, and an excellent fallback when you don't have money or don't particularly need reliability in your phone service. I have used it for around a year with some problems and it has really been a miracle for me in a variety of ways. I've definitely become dependent on freedompop data for car navigation, for instance.

But let's be honest: freedompop does not offer reliable talk and text services. Voice calls (over data) are frequently so choppy that it makes it impossible to understand each other. Texts are often delayed for long periods of time with no warning or explanation (it seems like they are 'bundling' texts in some way, so that they wait until there are enough texts from various users that meet a certain criteria before transmitting them). Media texts don't work at all. Group texts don't work at all.

Recently, I started a new job, and the unreliability of freedompop won't work when I need to send and receive important and timely business-related calls and texts. But, I'm still quite poor (and stingy), so I don't want to start shelling out $50-100 for some "regular" phone service with data, etc. Really, a pay-as-you go service would probably work quite well for me, since I don't expect to need the cellular (read:non-data) based services often. I'd prefer to keep just one cell-phone, and not to pay for data other than freedompop. I'm encouraged by freedompop phones having that other Sprint number in their system, but I don't know if sprint could activate a freedompop phone (without deactivating the freedompop services).

So my question is, is there a way that I can use freedompop for data, but another carrier for other cell services?

I do know about "premium voice" letting you talk on 2G, but I think that wouldn't be enough for me. After all, texts still wouldn't work.. I don't know how many times I've had to explain to people that I don't receive their group text or image text, and had to find some kind of workaround.

Thanks in advance!
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