Can't activate my Sprint EVCO 4G

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Hi, FreedomPop folks. I've been trying to activate my BYOD Sprint EVO 4G and when I enter the MEID DEC (as shown in the help photo on the activate page) I keep getting the error "Please enter a valid Mac Id".

I am not sure what else it wants. The phone has been deactivated from Sprint for well over a year. It was in good standing when I left Sprint and bought a Galaxy S3, so it's just been sitting in a drawer.

Is there some other value it wants in the "1) Enter your device's MAC Address or ESN (e.g. "001E31700454")" box? If so, where do I find it since the number in the help isn't being accepted?



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    @UUMickey‌ pm @Taylor‌ now so you can be in his que for assistance. In the mean time perhaps one of our other "Pro" might happen by with assistance you can try.
  • UUMickeyUUMickey Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Solved my own problem :) It was the main link having some kind of invisible captcha action. I found another link (also via the forums):

    That one worked fine and I am already up and running. Thank you for following up.
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