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Default Password/Resetting Device

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Hi, I just got a FreedomPop hub so that we can use this service from home. This should be easy. The instructions say "connect teh hub to your pc using the Wi-Fi network (SSID) name & the Wi-Fi Default password printed on the back of the hub". The only thing printed on the hub is the model #, serial # & MAC address. Where is the password printed on this ? How can I use the SSID if I don't have a default password ?
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    @Tommy_Gilmore - The default network password for the device is - freedompop - use this to log onto the network. If you continue to have issues you will need to reset your Hub:

    You can reset/ reboot your Hub. Here is what you need to do:
    - Log into the Device Utility at
    - Provide the password to the Utility- the default is "admin"

    Option 1:
    On the left hand side, under the Photo of the Hub Burst, click on "Reboot", and confirm in the popup.

    Option 2:
    Select Modem Set up and Reset Modem from the Drop down. Confirm the action by pressing on the Blue Button located on the right-hand side labeled "Reset Modem".

    This will revert the Hub Burst back to the original default factory settings (including WiFi name & password). To change the network name/ SSID and/ or the password for your FreedomPop Hub Burst, you will need to:

    Option 1:
    - Click the Wifi Settings on the left-hand column and select Basic.
    - On the main portion of the screen, the fields to change the SSID and password will appear.
    - Select Apply when you are finished.

    Option 2:
    - Select Basic from the Top Menu Bar
    - Select Wifi from the left side column
    - From the drop down, select Basic again
    - The options to configure your SSID and password will appear on the main screen
    - Press Apply when you are finished to make the changes.
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