Suspended because of data overage/billing error

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Apparently, my account's been suspended, and I never got notified about it until I tried making an important call.

When placing a call, a recorded message tells me there's a billing error... Billing support said FP tried to charge me $5 for some feature I didn't even sign up for. I looked at my account online though, and there are no charges to it other than $0 charges for free stuff.

Tech support told me I had data overages. When I checked my account online, there are no overages. Plus, this phone hasn't left my house in a couple of months and it's connected to my wifi.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.


  • Hello @Mihai I took a look at your account and you are right you do not have any overages. Your account was suspended because you were close to passing your data and to prevent you from getting charged overages. However your account is also suspended because you have a failed charged for the $5.99 Premium service. I noticed that you cancelled the service so if you would please update your billing info and let the charge go through. Once the charge has gone through I will refund you for it.
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    Thanks, @Karina Magana. I am not sure I want to put in my credit card because I don't trust FP. Can't you just remove the faulty charge or credit my account enough to cover the charge?

    Regarding the issues at hand...

    First of all, how in the world was I gonna pass my data cap, if the phone never left my house, where I have wifi. Even if it had left the house, I only use data to read the news and check my email, and I get 1.5 GB per month. The closest I ever got to the cap was when I used up to about 0.9 GB in May.

    Second, I don't understand the $5.99 charge... I did sign up for the Premium Voice trial, not the Premium Plus one. The charge is for the Premium Plus service. Why? (I do not want either service. Not anymore, anyway.)

    Third, I just checked my account, and all my services/plans have been completely removed. I used to get 1.5 GB of data per month. Is all that lost?

    My problem is similar to this guy's:

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  • MihaiMihai Posts: 41FreedomPop Newbie
    I think I got it working. Thanks.
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