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Cannot stay connected

I just got my hotspot about a week ago. I charged it, went through the setup but still cannot access the web.

When I log into the admin console of the hotspot, it seems to jump from disconnected to Connecting to Connected and back again. I have updated the profile, the PRL and even tried a factory reset and repeating without even so much as changing the SSID. Still cannot hold a WWan IP address.

I know how these devices are supposed to work but I cannot find any fix for this on the forums.

Please assist.


  • Kyeong Su ShinKyeong Su Shin Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I was in the same boat. In my case, the problem was solved by changing the wireless network preference from "4g preferred" to "3g preferred". I think it has to do with the Sprint WiMax shutdown.
    If your plan does not allow the 3G fallback, than I don't know.. My plan does.
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