Can Freedompop change the shipping address?

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Hello. I ordered a Kyocera Hydro Icon directly from Freedompop and the shipping address was correct but the label was created for my previous address for some reason. There was a lot of hassle trying to get someone to understand the situation. The order information was all correct but the label address was wrong. It is a FedEx SmartPost package and FedEx only makes shipping changes by the shipper's request. It's very easy to find this information. I told the representative and I was told "trust me" like five times. I had to call again. I eventually got someone to accept FedEx's policy and I was told that because it is a SmartPost package that Freedompop would have USPS return it once USPS received it. The tracking information now says that it's vlose to my area so I need Freedompop to confirm or follow up on that.

I can't do anything from here because I'm not the shipper and USPS won't let me change my address for mail forwarding. I don't feel like I should have to go through all the trouble since I didn't do anything wrong. Can someone please fix this situation?


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    You could just use a mail forwarding option by going here:;

    It'll cost you $1.05
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    It looks like my post didn't get approved. Customer service is awful. It looks like my phone got lost/stolen. USPS told me that my phone would be held and since I was in the area, it would have worked out. The phone was not held and it got delivered. The guy who took the delivery said it wasn't delivered so I think he's keeping it. I'm going to call Freedompop one last time before I call the card company.
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