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I have been a happy iPhone 5 FreedomPop customer for years, so I though I would get my Dad an iPadMini 2 with cell service through FreedomPop. I called FP activation twice and both times was told I cannot activate an iPad for service, but I can buy a new iPad for the service. I don't understand why I cannot open a new account with my iPad but I can overpay for one with FreedomPop. Others have activated their iPads no problem, why am I being blocked from service? New sales tactics?


  • stirfry2112stirfry2112 Posts: 54FreedomPop Newbie
    Can anyone else see the 1 comment for my post? It says someone has made a comment but it looks blank to me.
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    I see the original post +one more from you. This will appear as 2nd comment.

    As to commenting on first.....
    Only certain apple products are supported. See the BYOD list in this forum. If a mini is supported, it will tell you which models are. In Ipads, only the 16Gig model was (is?) supported. Then it's only the ones that work on Sprint's towers.
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    "IPAD-(all the way up through iPad Air 2)"

    There are no size limitations listed in that thread, nor specific models.
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    I sent a message to an employee from the forum. I purchased an iPad Mini 2 16GB, which was activated on the FreedomPop network, and I'm still not able to use it on the network. I got a SIM card from the Apple store and Freedompop support said they updated the ICC ID and I called back later to verify that they had the correct MEID. So far no luck, I'm not able to use the device (at all when the SIM is installed).
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    Same did I... still nothing?
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    I have an IPad Air 2 which I have installed FreedomPop. The software is all jumbled and stacked. You can't do anything with the freedom pop software. Any suggestions as to what to do. It has the latest iOS upgrades. 9. Something. Help!
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