Really Great Interview With FreedomPop Co-founder Stephen Stokols

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This interview is really great with Stephen from This Week In Start-ups. Its over a year old but really gives you some insight into the mind behind one of the most important tech companies out today.


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    @mick - Thanks for the post!
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    I enjoyed the video, then with 20 minutes left, realized that I wasn't on FreedomPop. Up o 1 minutes of that cost me 26MB. Still only used 2.07 gigs and one gig to use in about 3 days left. Please don't sell out in only three years. Too short for us users.
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    Holy crap, me and that CEO are one... I got work to do. The agents need to get on the wi-fi deal, give me it! Get my phone working ASAP, there is disruption to do on a grand scale!
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    Maybe someday FreedomPop can become a part of the Lifeline program. :)
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