Can't make calls outside my area code

Ronald HolderRonald Holder Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
I tried to Google for an answer and searched the forums, could not find a solution.
I have a Nexus 5, running 5.1.1 and the security update. If I want to call a phone in my area code, no problem. My contact phone numbers all have the area code included. If I try to call another area code, I get a "Call error" and a '+1' was added onto the number when dialed.

From what I read, supposedly that will allow you to dial a number from out of country and it does no harm to have that added to a number for a domestic call, but it seems to be the culprit preventing me from making calls.

I updated my profile and PRL today and tried again, same thing. My Gmail settings are correct for call settings, United States is set and has been all along. Can someone please help me get this figured out? Thanks in advance.


  • Ronald HolderRonald Holder Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
    Update - I was able to call someone in my geographical area that has a mobile phone in another area code, it did not add the '+1' to the number in my address book, but I could not call a "wired" phone number, in that case the +1 got added to the number and would not dial. So it is a rather confusing matter.
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