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FP Disabled Google Voicemail? FP Change complaint.

David DahlDavid Dahl Posts: 83FreedomPop Newbie
I don't have FP Voicemail, so I tied my phone to a google voice number that when anyone calls my google voice, it will ring my FP phone but if I don't answer it would then use Google Voice to take the message.

This isn't working now, FP is saying "please leave a message" instead of Google Voice, even though I don't have FP voicemail it is answering anyway. Then I get a message from FP in Gmail saying someone left me a voicemail, upgrade to hear it. Basically FP is holding my message for ransom asking me to pay up to hear the message that should have gone to Google Voice.

I've bought several devices from FP and convinced most of my family to buy as well, now you're holding my messages for ransom?

I will remove my Gvoice from this phone and that should partially solve the issue. At least people can leave messages that I can hear.

another change that drives me nuts is the inactivity disconnect. I am on Wi-Fi 90% of the time, if I'm on Wi-Fi for a month, then leave the house, I need to make a call and can't because I've been inactive too long. So I end up stranded where I am, and need to hitchhike, find wi-fi, use another phone, or walk.

I like freedompop still, just these changes seem to be twisting my arm to get me to pay what I can't. I already bought the phones and convinced my family to buy phones as well, doesn't it count for something?

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