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Please cancel my device order

Kurtis LiKurtis Li Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I ordered LG G2 phone on 9/23/15, but I changed my mind and would like to cancel it. I couldn't find any link that wall allow me to cancel my order. I sent email to support and waited 24 hours, but receive no reply.

Can anyone help me to cancel my device order? Thanks


  • Hello @Kurtis Li

    We have cancelled your order as you requested, your issue will be refunded once our logistic partners have confirmed that your order was completely cancelled. Thank you for your patience :3
  • mnkygrlmnkygrl Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    PLEASE DON'T SHIP the MiFi 500. I canceled it and my old account Nov. 12 (received confirmation email Nov. 13: [email protected]) and requested a refund on that device. PLEASE refund my credit card (I was told the refund would be processed today or tomorrow--today is the 4th business day).
    Thank you in advance.

    My wife opened up a separate account ([email protected]) to activate a device purchased from Amazon.

    Also, please extend the billing period since I canceled the Oct 30 membership. The second membership started Nov 13 when I activated the Amazon-purchased device; due to service problems I didn't get working service until Nov. 17, so please restart the billing period from Nov. 17. Thank you.

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