[HELP] Freedompop Config says incorrect email

Hello, I'm having trouble signing in to Freedompop to enjoy the voice features. This is a very old issue that I had to call tech support about approximately two years ago. I've entered both of my emails and neither of them are working. I say both because I changed my original used to activate the device to another one, please help and thanks.


  • JohndelijoeJohndelijoe Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
    I need help
  • Hello @Johndelijoe

    I will be PMing you to gather personal information regarding this issue!
  • Russell IwasaRussell Iwasa Posts: 46FreedomPop Newbie
    I have the same problem. Freedompop config app has not worked in months for me, but it wasn't until I had to do a factory reset that it became an issue. My email address was not recognized and I presume that the config app told you to call FP support. That is where I learned, eventually, that the HTC is no longer supported. Tech supt seemed to think that I had somehow updated the config app (since I did say "app") which had not actually happened. Eventually it became clear that, for me, my HTC EVO 4G was no longer going to be able to handle talk and texting. All they could do is tell me how to disable the config app but that did mean no talk or texting. Data still seemed to work to some extent.
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