what solution, if any, for the hub burst?

z003z003 Posts: 73FreedomPop Newbie
as far as i know, freedompop hasn't said a peep. or maybe i missed it, but are they going to offer a solution for people using the hub burst?


  • michael maskalansmichael maskalans Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    FINALLY got an email notifying me of the shutdown yesterday, offering a device that is completely new to FP, the Netgear 6100D.

    It seems to tick all the boxes, so to speak, with multiple hardwire ports, USB printing support, SPARK support, 802.11ac, tri-band LTE, etc

    Offer was for a $40 upgrade - doesn't seem bad at all - but I cannot find any information on plans or pricing aside from 500MB free or 2GB for $20. That's an insane price compared to 10GB for $23 now. I have asked where to find plan information via Twitter, I have not found anything here or on their site yet.

    Considering my issues with my Hub Burst for the last month or more without resolution or savvy support, I'm ready to give up on FP entirely.
    Seems typical at this point.
  • Yan  BrillYan Brill Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    I'm in the same boat. Yesterday after several phone calls, finally I talked to a customer care rep. He said we can keep the original plan, I just want to verify about this.

    Do you have other solution if you give up on FP? Could you keep me posted?

  • Randall KlingbergRandall Klingberg Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Hey guess what the new rate is over $75.00 a month for 10gig, and the overage charges are now double.....
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