The trouble with billing....

Since August I have been having this back and forth dispute with billing. It turns out that when I bought my S3 off ebay and called freedompop to transfer my existing account with annual subscription from my old Victory to my new S3 they failed to follow my simple directions. First they charged me 79 + 20 (annual fee + activation) for my new phone and then recorded it as freedompop phone purchase. Then they said the $99 was for an upgrade. Then they canceled my annual subscription and started charging me a monthly fee. All of this I have disputed and the senior service rep, her name is Ces said she would call me back after our conversation but then call was dropped and she did not leave a message. A week has gone by and no email or phone call.

Second problem. In September 2014 I bought a HTC Evo 4G for my daughter and signed up for basic free service. Shortly after the service started Freedompop added value added service without notification or my authorization and proceeded to charge me $9.99 per month. On my American Express I have charges but no way to know which charge is for what phone. I have 4 freedompop phones. Since this phone was signed up as free service I did not monitor it like the others. I request 11 months of service refunded to my account. Again, no answer, no response. Not good. Ces has not called me back.


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    Oh man, sounds like someone dropped the ball on you here. Let's get @Karina Magana or @Jorge M. on this one and see if they can help you out. They'll probably send you a PM or an email to get this going.
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