The introductions thread

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Hey everyone!
I made this thread as an "introduction" kinda thing so anyone can introduce themselves to this forums. I guess I'll start:
My name is Ali Naqvi, and I am 13 years old. I found out about FreedomPop in March of 2013, and in August, I decided to try it out. I had a MiFi initially, but in March of this year I purchased a Galaxy S2. I've been really happy ever since because I worked for people to get $100 and now I don't need to pay for service. Hopefully I will be with freedompop for the rest of my life if they begin to support the iPhone in the next year or two ;).

Well, I hope this thread becomes a good one :D


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    @Ali - Thanks for the post!
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    Great post @Ali! I also got my first FreedomPop device around August, and I have been 100% satisfied since then.
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    I'm waiting for my SII to arrive. Should be here early next week. After that, it's on to the fun stuff. I will only use the basic until we can port over our old numbers. Then it will be the full monty for me. Until that time I'll have to continue to use my current provider. (not happy about it)
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    @Lovefreedom‌ If you pay $20 to port your current number in to Google Voice and forward that to your new number, then if anyone calls it your FP phone gets a call. Likewise, if you call your old number from your FP phone, you can call anyone with your older number.
    Other pros on the forum like @Adolfo Galvan‌ know more information and have posted a tutorial on basic usage of Google Voice.
    Thanks for the introduction!
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    I received your email. Did you get my reply?
    You mentioned that you have a phone, but did not provide it.
    Your web site has the strangest means for contacting support.
    Perhaps it is related to the problems I've been experiencing. I think that some browsers are not supported?
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    No I'm in Michigan I was expecting wifi modem
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