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I've been enjoying my freedompop s3 for about a year now. Working great until last week, when the phone started having issues after using a friends charger. Now it wont charge the battery. took it to a local repair place, and it looks like the charging circuitry is not working properly.

I looked on ebay and i can get a replacement circuit board with a different EMEI of course. Sprint one. Does anyone know if i can swap out the board, and then use the 'new' phone with freedompop, get the existing number transferred over? would freedom pop charge me a reactivation fee?
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    I keep seeing posts in the forum here that support team respond with that you "pay the activation fee and then open a ticket or post here and they'd refund the fee" but in the email it was like pulling teeth to get them to close the one 'temp email' account and move the phone over and I responded with exactly what I wanted done as far as swapping over and refund and then they haven't responded in a week and half, so it's hit or miss seems like depending on what team you're working with (phone/ticket&email/forums).
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    The Galaxy S3 and S4 have poorly made charging ports. You can replace just the charging port on the S3 if you have fine de-soldering and soldering skills. Or do like I did and get a wireless charger and wireless charging adapter. The adapter sticks to the battery and sits in a port built into the phone under the battery cover, completely bypassing the charging port.

    I got this kit, that uses your existing wall adapter:
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