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LTE problems with MiFi 500 LTE solved

David KempDavid Kemp Posts: 25FreedomPop Newbie
I recently received two MiFi 500 devices ordered back in August. But when they arrived they would connect to 3G but not to LTE. After contacting customer service and giving them both the MEID and SIM ICC ID numbers, they "refreshed" both devices, after which they started connecting to LTE. Then a second problem became apparent - one of the devices had software version 2.1 and connected to Sprint Spark LTE, but the other had software version 1.3 and connected only to Sprint LTE, not the faster Spark service. Multiple attempts at updating failed with a "no updates available" message. After several exchanges with customer support, they suggested doing a hard reset (push a paperclip into the "reset" hole in the back of the device under the battery cover). I did that and the device (after showing an "updating" message for a scary 20 minutes) then came up with the current 2.1 software, connected to Sprint Spark, and all is well.

FreedomPop may want to update their procedures so that devices are both "refreshed" and loaded with current software while in the kitting stage before shipping.


  • guhoguho Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    all is not well because 2.1 has a known issue that causes it to crash when switching between the 3 LTE bands 25, 26 & 41.
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