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Did somebody hack or SPAM FreedomPop friends list?

Terry MooreTerry Moore Posts: 80FreedomPop Newbie
Today I received a strange request for data at my regular email address: "hey give me data" from "Game Center "

I am SPAMming the email, and now you see the address of sender.

The data request did not come through the usual channel in the Freedom Friends group. I joined the Freedom Friends community through the FP website, outside of Facebook, thinking my email address would be somewhat "protected" by the community. But after moderator Ali revealed somebody has been trying to sell the list of Freedom Friends on Ebay, maybe the list is now accessible to SPAMmers? BTW, I checked out that Ebay listing trying to sell our email addresses and even though the seller took it down, should we bother reporting the listing as "fraudulent"? The seller probably already made $$ from selling our email addresses!

Comments from others appreciated.
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