How to change freedom pop phones.

I currently have a galaxy s3 from freedompop, but I want to get a new phone(from freedompop). How do I change phones and keep my current plan?


  • Hello @Matisse McCrory

    We would be glad to assist you with this, so when you get your new phone we would simply put it on your existing account replacing your old phone. Please let us know when you have received the device so that we can help you with the swap :3
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    @Karina Magana @Matisse McCrory
    Do not trust that one bit, I did this exact same thing, I had a LG Tribute that had too little memory to function properly, so I called Freedompop customer service and they suggested I purchase a Kyocera Hydro Icon and when it arrived they would take my old LG off my account and add my Icon to it so my plan and email etc would all be the same. Well I get the new phone, call FP to have it activated, the customer service rep activated it on a new account and just switched my email addresses to make it look like my account, BUT my plans were not the same and that is how I figured out what he had done! I tried to get FP to fix this and they told me there is no way it can be done. So don't trust that one bit, once you get your new phone you will get a new account with a new plan! For me I lost my Unlimited Talk and Text 2500 mins and 5000 texts $0 monthly fee now I have to figure out how to use the Basic Plan 200 mins and 500 texts and it isn't working out so far.
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