No longer have 4G LTE service -- LG G2

MishkoMishko Posts: 24FreedomPop Newbie
I hear this is the best way to get help, so here I go....

First, my data usage was not getting updated via the website or the Messaging app, but now the usage is trickling in. The latest that is shown is P.M. on November 3. I'm still wondering why it's taking so long to update the usage when it clearly states that it my be delayed up to three hours. But over multiple days???

Second, and most important, my phone stopped getting 4G LTE service starting on November 3. I have not changed anything since I started with FreedomPop (end of September). I've searched, poked, and prodded for any solutions, but nothing has helped. Yes, I've updated the app. Yes, I've updated/refreshed/whatever my profile and PRL. Yes, I've done a factory reset on the phone. Yes, I've cleared the data cache in the Messaging app. Yes, I've done a carrier refresh.

When I turn on mobile data sometimes I'm given a message about not able to obtain a wireless data connection (paraphrase). Sometimes I don't get that message and my phone attempts to use 3G, but when trying to text, talk, access the Internet I'm dead in the water. With a browser open a page attempts to load with the URL like: http://setup3g.freedompop...... If I leave that browser window up and connect to WiFi a page loads saying something about my phone not being able to use 3G. Fine, I don't care, just let me use the 4G LTE service again.

Oh hear my pleas of help.

Thank you.


  • alan_iwaalan_iwa Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
    Oh... now I've read your case too. Yes, it's eerily similar to what has happened to me. Have you called support? I was going to wait another day before trying that.
  • MishkoMishko Posts: 24FreedomPop Newbie
    I think we both need the same fix, in my opinion.

    No, I don't have time to call during support hours, but I can email/post to my heart's content. I'd love to because I figure it's what we need. I emailed support last Wednesday and haven't heard a peep.

    @Jorge M. @Karina Magana Can either of you be of assistance to us?? Please.
  • MishkoMishko Posts: 24FreedomPop Newbie
    I sincerely hope that was an admin doing something because I'm back up and running as usual now, but I did nothing different. Sure, I was messing around again trying resets and updates and stuff, but nothing more than I've done in the last week. Hopefully it sticks.
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