Can't connect to server?

donutbatdonutbat Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
For the past couple of days I've been getting the message: "General Error. Oops, there was an error trying to communicate with the server. Please try again later."
What's going on?
And on top of that I'm being charged $1.99 for credit refill? What? I'm on the free plan!

my account email is: [email protected]


  • Hello @donutbat

    I took a look at your account and was able to see that your account had been suspended which caused you to get that message. However, I did see that your service resumed on Friday. Are you now able to use the device?

    Due to the slight delay in the reporting of data usage it is possible that you have surpassed the 100MB threshold and were charged for the data used, and exceeded your monthly data allotment during the window in which your data usage was unknown by our system because of the delay.
  • donutbatdonutbat Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for replying. Yes, it's working now. But I didn't pass the 100MB threshold, because my free cycle just started, and I still have over 780MBs. I know it's just $2 bucks, but still weird that I got charged.
  • @donutbat I am glad to hear that your device is now working. Please let us know if any issues arise, have a great weekend!
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