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forgot wifi password

how to reset password


  • Hello @Laura Lund

    You can change your Network ID and wireless password from the device utility.

    To access the utility:

    Connect to your device's Wi-Fi (default password is "freedompop") (unless using the Freedom Stick, which you will plug right into your USB port). Open your web browser and type in..

    "" if using the Photon or Sleeve
    "" if using a Freedom Stick
    "" if using the Freedom Hub Burst
    "" if using the Overdrive
    "" if using the MiFi 4082/500 LTE.

    Go into wireless settings. Depending on your device, the default password for settings will either be "admin" or "password"

    From here you can change the SSID, password, and security settings.

    Do not forget your wireless password! You will not be able to re-connect to the device utility without it.
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