Broken iPhone5--not sure what to do..

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My iPhone 5 spazzed out on me several times in the past week. Each time I managed to restore the phone to its factory settings with recovery mode on iTunes until it just wouldn't go into recovery mode for the last time it kept flashing the Apple icon repeatedly on the screen.

I have never replaced an iPhone before, and I'm not sure I know how. If I get a replacement iPhone 5, can I use the old iPhone SIM card for the new phone? I just went to my local best buy hoping to get another iPhone 5 under the sprint carrier (the same carrier as my old phone), except they said they rarely get iPhone 5 and they only have iPhone 6 models. I see iPhone 5 is being sold on amazon, but I'm worried if I buy from there, the phone I receive may not be what is advertised online.

I am confused over the terms of a locked and unlocked phone. From my vague understanding, an unlocked phone would be better because there's no carrier activation needed since it's already unlocked, but the phone doesn't come with a SIM card?? This is the part I get lost because I'll need a SIM card to use cellular data, but I don't need the Sprint carrier payment plan if I'm already using FreedomPop to access Internet and cellular data, right?


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    Additionally, I do not recall ever using a sim card while setting up my old phone, so I'm unsure if it actually matters very much if there's a carrier difference if I replace the phone under a different carrier.
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    If you want to save yourself some grief about making sure you buy a phone that will work I'd buy your new phone from Freedompop.
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    I purchased an iPhone 5S from the Apple store today. I went in hoping they could fix my iPhone 5, but I guess it's dead as a doornail, lol.

    Can someone give me instructions on how I can move my Freedompop account to my existing phone?
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    If you have phone no, rollover, credits, etc that you want to go to new phone, follow this:
    using new email address, do BYOD, pay $20 fee, get any random phone no. Do not sign up for any services or plans. Just the free stuff. Test phone. Be sure it works.
    Contact an admin here. (s)he will take the two emails for the account and swap the phones. Now old account has new phone.
    Deacctivate the old phone. Close the new account that has the old phone. Request refund of $20 if less than 30 days.
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    And by doing all that, when the old account is put on the new phone, will I be able to keep my old phone number?
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    I also have a question that may relate to my cellular data. I have been unable to update my carrier settings since inserting the SIM card in my new phone, and thus, I have been unable to use cellular data for LTE or 3G. I wonder if this is related to my FreedomPop account not being synced to the new device. When I do try to update the carrier settings over wifi, it tells me I have a network error.
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