Ordered wrong device, cancelled over phone, shipped anyway

LordFluxLordFlux Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I was looking for a USB device that would support FreedomPop's service and would also work with my SOHO router. Did a Google search and I purchased the Franklin U600 USB using this link:


After doing more research, I realized that the U600 doesn't support LTE. I needed the U770 found here:


So I called FreedomPop customer support, asked to have my order switched to the U770. She said that she could not do that because the U600 and the U770 are no longer carried by FreedomPop. I told her that both devices appear on the website -- she did not know anything about that and tried to sell me the Mifi and the Overdrive Pro. I told her that those 2 units do not work with my router. She said that she would just cancel the order and close my FreedomPop account.

The next day, I get a notice in my e-mail that my USB device has shipped. The unit arrive today and it's a Franklin U301.

I'm so confused.

Could a customer rep please PM me and help sort this out.


  • Hello @LordFlux

    I apologize for this inconvenience, I would be glad to assist you with this. I will be PMing you to further assist you with this, thank you.
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