Regarding my LG Volt

terileeterilee Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I have had nothing but problems for the last three weeks regarding this phone. I have recently sent several requests for tech support to get back to me regarding the problems I have been experiencing with this phone. The first time was right when I received the phone and I was getting the message that it wasn't activated. The person through tech support was able to resolve one issue, but the other we never fixed and that was the fact that I sounded like I was talking under water. WE fixed it some what, now I am having the problems of the phone dropping calls or not even letting me make calls in general. Then recently, I have been having an issue with with writing messages. In other words, when I am in the middle of writing them the keyboard would disappear and then it would take up to five minutes for it to come back. Or when I am texting, it would go back to the home screen and I would lose everything. I was speaking with a person through the support service and when I was trying to answer his question, it was getting worse to the point where I had to restart the phone in order to get back to him to answer his questions.
The one major thing that I find very unprofessional is the fact that when I am told that my problem was being sent to someone in tech support and that I would hear from them very soon. I wasn't expecting not to hear from anyone. I am very frustrated that I paid for a phone to have it not work like it should is very upsetting. I sure hope that I can get help from you or some helpful suggestions. It would be appreciated.
:) Terilee :)


  • Tracy L BozemanTracy L Bozeman Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
    I just ordered a volt.I first got a samsung victory.(have had problemswith it for a year.I hope the volt is better and I hope you got yours fixed.we just cant keep having messed up phones.I have too many important calls to make or take.let me know how yours is doing.sorry I cant help :'(
  • terileeterilee Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    I have nothing against the phone itself. I just have a feeling that I got one that isn't working properly. I am hoping for a solution very soon.
    :) Terilee :)
  • JoylfitzJoylfitz Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
    My phone has never worked.... despite following all of their instructions and doing various updates.
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