Issues with getting help with my phone.

terileeterilee Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I ordered and received my LG Volt cellphone and I have had so many pro lens with it. I contacted tech support with the poor quality when it came to making calls and receiving calls. I was informed that I sounded like I was talking under water. I was taken through the steps of uninstalling and reinstalling programs etc. The quality is still very poor. The other problem I have is that whenever I go to answer or write a text, the keyboard would disappear, and freeze up. Or I would have it disappear and kick me back to the home screen. I have emailed and asked questions regarding this problem. I would get help but then I would be rerouted to tech support because what we were doing wasn't working at all. This was last Wednesday afternoon. I have not heard from anyone at all. I contacted the support again with the problems and the same person who helped me last Wednesday helped me again the other day. He rerouted me again, and I haven't heard anything. I am frustrated beyond belief and all I want is a phone that works. Please help!!!!!
:) Terilee :)


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