How to install latest FreedomPop ROM?

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@FreedomPopWiz provided a link to a new version of the FreedomPop ROM for Galaxy S3 phones here. I have read that many people report having problems with WiFi and video playback after installing this update, so I am hesitant to install it.

In the same post, @FreedomPopWiz said several months ago that a new version of the FreedomPop ROM would be released soon that would fix various bugs (including Bluetooth crashing, which I experience on my phone). Some other threads that I read have led me to believe that this update has since been released, but I cannot find a link to download it.

I don't want to root my phone, since FreedomPop does not recommend doing so and would no longer offer customer support. Therefore, I am asking if anyone on the FreedomPop team can please provide me a link to the latest FreedomPop ROM for a Galaxy S3? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    You can't install a custom ROM without root though...
    youtube search SimpleTechQuickies
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    Maybe ROM isn't the right term to use. The link posted by @FreedomPopWiz provided a system update in the form of a ZIP file. What I'm looking for is an updated version of the link that I can use like a normal system update. My phone has already downloaded a system update from Samsung, but I want the FreedomPop customized version.
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    this would be nice for me also would love Bluetooth on my s3 other than that its been fantastic
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